Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Wildlife

This week’s photo challenge for LetsBeWild.com is “Wildlife”.  So here are 5 of my favourite pictures of wildlife from my 3 month stay at Cetacea Lab in northern British Columbia.  Please check the link below and comment on my link to vote for my pictures on the Lets Be Wild website! Thanks for looking! 🙂




A baby humpback whale lifts his tail enthusiastically out of the water metres from our camp

A juvenile orca leaps from the water while its mother hunts in the kelp

A family of Northern Resident Orca on the search for food

A mink surveys the intertidal zone at low tide right in front of the camp for food

An immature eagle sits on the rocks below the research lab

I’m participating in the LetsBeWild.com Wild Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s Challenge is: Wildlife


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